Indie Writer 3 – Protect this!

I quite liked the last blog with the extract from “The Copy-it-Right Manifesto”. So here’s a bit more for your theoretical musings …

The Saviour Is Come

All hail the deliverer, our small and silent hero, our single light blinking in a field of darkness. All hail the one who goes by the name of pixel; aka the electronic business machine, aka the mainframe, aka the personal computer, aka the portable computer, aka the digital age …

Pixel says: the old paradigm is dead (or might as well be).

Pixel asks: are we ready, as individuals, to co-author the new paradigm(s)?

The power of the pixel cannot be controlled, it can only be unleashed. We all saw what happened to the music industry when they tried to put a yolk on a thing with no head. And are the major music labels getting the reaming they deserve? Oh yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah yeah yeah!

The door will close to everything we know today as publishing. So be it. Other doors are opening.

The word at the heart of the new paradigm must surely be: efficiency. Implicating the elimination of all that is wasteful, unnecessary, destructive, and – ultimately – slow.

Which then begs the question: what was the word at the heart of the old paradigm? Answer: protection. Of the status quo, of shameless profits for useless middle-men, of a system that disenfranchises writers and alienates them from their readers.

We cannot take protection forward with us into the new paradigm. It must stay where it belongs, and die its inevitable death with those who gave birth to it.

The crib notes version of all this: embrace the unknown or allow the machine to give you the Kama Sutra equivalent of The Pheasant and the Crocodile.

See yaw’ll next time …

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