The Season For It

For Christmas this year just gone I got myself and my family something a little different. I managed to avoid a head on collision with an idiot coming the other way who thought overtaking would be OK on a blind curve.

I guess at the end of it all he was right wasn’t he. We missed one another by a good30 centimetres. No harm no foul.

My wife and I were singing a song with our three year old girl when he nearly swept us out of existence. We kept singing, somehow, hoping she wouldn’t notice. And thankfully she didn’t.

It’s quite hard to sing, to drive, even to think when that squirt of adrenaline hits. Your chest squeezes down, you stop breathing properly, and the trembling starts. Soon your whole body is vibrating as your little nightmare film loops over and over in your head, and you start asking yourself ‘what if?’

What if I was a fraction off with the steering wheel? Just a little faster? Checking the rear view mirror at the wrong moment?

In my mind’s eye I can still see him passing us – a flash of headlights and horns. If I remember correctly he still hadn’t passed the car he wanted to overtake – so he could have just as easily slid back into his lane.

Everything I love was in that car with me.

Never mind.

No harm no foul.

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