Music, Wine, Rhyme

Today, for the first time in way too long, I sat down with some musician friends to make a song. God I’ve missed it.

We writers tend to go into our dark, little holes to bang out our words … wait for our muse … draw doodles in the margins of the page … or whatever, depending on the mood. Point being, we’re alone.

It’s for this reason I hound coffee shops, looking for a window table nestled gently between the view onto the street and that of the patrons. I’m still alone with my work, but it’s tempered by evidence of life. Thoughts of self-flagellation tend to be dampened down somewhat. A good thing in and of itself.

But not so the song writing. Instead: community, shared dreams, cheap wine, bad jokes. Me like.

Everyone plays their strong card – guitarist on strings, pianist on ivory, me on ink – as it should be. And some time later we have a song. If you enjoy the little miracle of a page full of words when only a short time earlier it was blank, then creating a song ‘ex nihilo’ is a whole order of magnitude more satisfying.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m learning more about music. (I’m practically an expert now, though I don’t like to brag.)

D flat minor.

This is my favourite … ah, chord type … thing.

It’s very pretty, don’t you agree?

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