Reading in the Toilet

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I read in the toilet and I’m proud of it.

Once upon a time it was the cause of much anxiety. Even shame. But with counselling and an indulgence in certain prescription medications I’ve come to accept this odd aspect of my psyche. Nay, I embrace it.

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First : About Truth 101

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I’m going in a new direction in 2012. Perhaps it’s already evident in the first couple of posts this year …

No more advice.

No more wisdom.

No more preaching.

I’m not sure what that all means, but what I’m left holding are snippets of my life with a story telling spin.

Not always funny.

Not always pleasant.

But real (ish).

It is what it is.

(And the irony of giving it a classroom-sounding title hasn’t been lost on me. Cheers.)

Music, Wine, Rhyme

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Today, for the first time in way too long, I sat down with some musician friends to make a song. God I’ve missed it.

We writers tend to go into our dark, little holes to bang out our words … wait for our muse … draw doodles in the margins of the page … or whatever, depending on the mood. Point being, we’re alone.

It’s for this reason I hound coffee shops, looking for a window table nestled gently between the view onto the street and that of the patrons. I’m still alone with my work, but it’s tempered by evidence of life. Thoughts of self-flagellation tend to be dampened down somewhat. A good thing in and of itself.

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Closet Creamers

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Today I was lamenting my dry hands with the girls at work.

“You’re like my husband,” said one of them. “He refuses to use hand cream – even if his hands are so chafed he’s in pain.”

Some of the other girls, the ones who know me a little better, laughed.

Why? Because I’m as metrosexual as they come concerning my hobbit hands. I’ve barely started one tube of rejuvenating hand formula before I get started on the next. My desk is lined with them. Should I use the lavender and shea butter this morning, or am I more in the mood for avocado oil with added bioflavonoids?

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The Season For It

Posted in family with tags , , , , on 04/01/2012 by mujo

For Christmas this year just gone I got myself and my family something a little different. I managed to avoid a head on collision with an idiot coming the other way who thought overtaking would be OK on a blind curve.

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In Cooking

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In cooking butter is love. It’s hard to add too much. Meal after meal it is always a welcome addition. But beware. When meals become months, and months become years – as beautiful as love can be – there is danger. Too much butter hardens the heart. Love invites change. Substitute a good olive oil.

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Would you risk it all for gnocchi?

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I was living in Berlin about a year when I came across an Italian lass I rather wanted to impress.

“Hey, I know Italian food,” said the fool, “how about I make us gnocchi.”

“I love gnocchi,” said the girl with a dreamy look in her eyes the fool was already starting to fall in love with, “my mother makes it all the time.”

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Indie Writer 5 – Curple Pow ©

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Seth Godin wrote a book on marketing called Purple Cow – advising all businesses to stand out from the crowd or face the consequences. Good stuff. I recommend it.

Now Seth is a good lad ‘n all, writing and blogging on his list of tricks (good for him) – but he’s no indie writer. So I’m here to give it to you straight. Get a bit of this up ya …

The Curple Pow ©

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Indie Writer 4 – The High Ground

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We fellas have a tendency to look for metaphors in places like the battlefield, the boxing ring, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather … like that. It’s a testicle thing, I guess. (Ladies, give me a little space on this one.)

I don’t want you to get the feeling that the indie writer’s life is like going to war, it’s just that … it’s exactly like that.

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Indie Writer 3 – Protect this!

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I quite liked the last blog with the extract from “The Copy-it-Right Manifesto”. So here’s a bit more for your theoretical musings …

The Saviour Is Come

All hail the deliverer, our small and silent hero, our single light blinking in a field of darkness. All hail the one who goes by the name of pixel; aka the electronic business machine, aka the mainframe, aka the personal computer, aka the portable computer, aka the digital age …

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