The Season For It

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For Christmas this year just gone I got myself and my family something a little different. I managed to avoid a head on collision with an idiot coming the other way who thought overtaking would be OK on a blind curve.

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In Cooking

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In cooking butter is love. It’s hard to add too much. Meal after meal it is always a welcome addition. But beware. When meals become months, and months become years – as beautiful as love can be – there is danger. Too much butter hardens the heart. Love invites change. Substitute a good olive oil.

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Would you risk it all for gnocchi?

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I was living in Berlin about a year when I came across an Italian lass I rather wanted to impress.

“Hey, I know Italian food,” said the fool, “how about I make us gnocchi.”

“I love gnocchi,” said the girl with a dreamy look in her eyes the fool was already starting to fall in love with, “my mother makes it all the time.”

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Indie Writer 5 – Curple Pow ©

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Seth Godin wrote a book on marketing called Purple Cow – advising all businesses to stand out from the crowd or face the consequences. Good stuff. I recommend it.

Now Seth is a good lad ‘n all, writing and blogging on his list of tricks (good for him) – but he’s no indie writer. So I’m here to give it to you straight. Get a bit of this up ya …

The Curple Pow ©

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Indie Writer 4 – The High Ground

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We fellas have a tendency to look for metaphors in places like the battlefield, the boxing ring, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather … like that. It’s a testicle thing, I guess. (Ladies, give me a little space on this one.)

I don’t want you to get the feeling that the indie writer’s life is like going to war, it’s just that … it’s exactly like that.

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Indie Writer 3 – Protect this!

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I quite liked the last blog with the extract from “The Copy-it-Right Manifesto”. So here’s a bit more for your theoretical musings …

The Saviour Is Come

All hail the deliverer, our small and silent hero, our single light blinking in a field of darkness. All hail the one who goes by the name of pixel; aka the electronic business machine, aka the mainframe, aka the personal computer, aka the portable computer, aka the digital age …

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Indie Writer 2 – Talk the Talk

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Before you can walk it you gotta talk it – so there are some things you’ll just have to know.

The following is the preamble from a piece that may one day see the light of day on my site: “The Copy-it-Right Manifesto”.

The reader was and always will be the one with the power. To power to like or dislike, accept, reject, buy, deny. In short, the power to choose. I hold this truth to be self-evident.

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