Indie Writer 2 – Talk the Talk

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Before you can walk it you gotta talk it – so there are some things you’ll just have to know.

The following is the preamble from a piece that may one day see the light of day on my site: “The Copy-it-Right Manifesto”.

The reader was and always will be the one with the power. To power to like or dislike, accept, reject, buy, deny. In short, the power to choose. I hold this truth to be self-evident.

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# 1

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I done broke mah cherry.

I is no longer virginated.

I has me a followah.

Thank you sorealtonight.

No matter what happens in the future we will always have Paris.



Indie Writer 1 – Humble Beginnings

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How does one become an indie writer? Oh, that part is easy as anything – you DON’T land a publishing deal.

Well any old fool can do that. Including me.

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Practical Sex

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We all know that old joke about the difference between sex for men and women: that women need a reason to have sex and men only need a place.

It’s funny because it’s true. More is the pity.

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Fathers, Sons and Other Catastrophes

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I had a hard time telling my family, especially my father, that all I wanted to do in life was write. It might have been easier to tell him that I enjoyed slunking octagenarians in the toilets behind the local McDonald’s.

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Fado: Untouchable Culture

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Fado has been given World Heritage status by UNESCO. I know that a lot of tree-huggers out there are rejoicing right now, but what does this really mean for the average Joe like you and me?

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Story 3 : To story or not to story.

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I don’t believe in right and wrong – at least not in creative endeavour. A much more useful concept is cause and effect.

Let me illustrate.

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Story 2 : Why the hell is it?

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We are hard wired story telling machines.

We’d like to change this – but we can’t.

Experiment with this one: next time someone asks you how your day was, tell them EVERY detail. Every movement, every posture, every thought, EVERY SINGLE THING. Continue reading

Story 1 : What the hell is it?

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So much has been written on the subject of story, and it seems so little actually said. The simplest definition is also the most profound. Though going on to explain this definition could fill volumes.

So … what is it?

Story = beginning + middle + end.

Full stop.

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The World’s Best Coffee.

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I’ve got a thing for coffee. Which is handy, because I’ve got a thing for caffeine too.

When the coffee is shit, which is all too often the case, I tell myself that at least I’m getting my caffeine fix this hour. All is well.

But if the coffee should taste good in addition to giving me those highly prized pin-prick pupils – the whole day just takes on a shiny patina.

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