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Fado: Untouchable Culture

Posted in rants with tags , , , on 05/12/2011 by mujo

Fado has been given World Heritage status by UNESCO. I know that a lot of tree-huggers out there are rejoicing right now, but what does this really mean for the average Joe like you and me?

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Your Body is a Traitor and Needs to be Broken

Posted in rants with tags , on 13/01/2011 by mujo

Your body isn’t your friend – it’s your slave. Keep it on a short leash or forever pay the price.

Fact: the body talks tough, but it’s a pussy. Every tiny departure from it’s strict and absolute ideal is met with a raft of physiological moanings. Continue reading

Kill Plan B

Posted in rants with tags , , on 13/01/2011 by mujo

So you’re a writer working in a bookshop. You’re a painter selling art supplies. A guitarist cleaning floors in a recording studio.

It’s all kinda in the field you wanna break into, but not quite. And not original.

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Polanski Unshackled

Posted in rants with tags , , , , , on 13/07/2010 by mujo

Today the newspapers in Switzerland heralded the ‘liberation’ of Roman Polanski. You know the chappy; film director, slain wife, pesky rape case hanging over his head for some thirty years. And what’s more – Switzerland is refusing to extradite him to the States. Oh happy day! I can hear the bell ringers mounting the tower steps even as I write this.

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